wine list


Métis: Something of mixed origin. 
That’s what I’m trying to compile here.  You see lot’s of ‘something’ on the list. Why you ask? Because I believe that there’s always something  for everyone. Be it with friend, loved one, a casual meal, a gastronomical purpose, just to kill time or to enjoy the evening, I hope that you’ll find something that you like.

Me: Speaking of me, who am I? I’m just the person who looks after wine here at Metis. Although the word ‘Sommelier’ are often used, I prefer to be called the translation instead, which is the ‘Wine Waiter’.
Pairing: Now days the possibility of pairing food and wine are endless. You can either compliment, or counter-pair but with all those endless possibilites, isn’t life just too short to enjoy all of  it?  That’s what  I’m here for.  Instead of you doing the trial and error, to match this with that, please let my team and I assist you throughout the evening so that you just sit down, and enjoy the fine things in life: Good company, good food, good wine.
Tell us what you like and we’ll try our best to find something for you.

You can view our entire wine list below